Our Services

Merchant Sourcing & Joint Promotions

There’s no limit to the value your organisation can offer. We connect you to merchants and bring offers that will have the greatest impact with your customers and target audience.

Nardell’s services will help you:

  • Identify offers & brands that best fit your customers’ demographic
  • Secure offers/privileges from merchants to feature their offers, brands and/or logos in your promotional materials

Nardell is the leading outsourced managers in merchant sourcing and offer acquisitions.  Not only do we speak the language of the merchant community, we also possess the relationships and resources to open doors and start dialogues.

We currently have direct relationships with over 5,000 merchants and suppliers of products and services covering the full range of dining, retail and lifestyle categories, including Edutainment, Outdoor and Extreme Sport, Theme Parks, Health and Beauty, Local and International travel and products that are eco-friendly and organic.

Joint marketing activities or joint promotions are a powerful marketing tools. The type and content of the joint activity can vary, but all have common traits. One of the elements that applies to all joint promotions, is that the parties collaborating have their own unique role, for example:  Party A is brings the value to the collaboration by providing a privilege to customers of Party B and Party B is supplying the media exposure to bring customers to Party B.

The objective of the collaboration can vary, but in most cases it is for increase brand awareness and new customers which results in increased revenue.

Our considerable experience sourcing discounted content and offers for the widest demographic user-base is at your service.

Merchant Acquisition

In this fast paced technological era, Nardell Sdn Bhd continues to help our clients in the mobile wallet industry through providing quality merchant acquisition services.

Through our clients, merchants are able to deploy multiple payment options which target specifically to their customers’ purchasing patterns, while simplifying their operation process, reduce costs, expedite funds availability and reduce risk management.

Nardell Merchant Acquisition Services:

  • Terminals deployment – source merchants to acquiring mobile wallet terminal.
  • Provide training to participating merchants – guidance on how to operate the mobile wallet terminal.
  • Terminals placement & delivery – safely deliver the mobile wallet terminals to merchant outlets.

Our Group Services

Marketing Consultancy

We work with you and your businesses devising and constructing a precise and tailored marketing plan to help you meet your objectives through the following steps.

Marketing Audit

We meet you, swap notes & review your current marketing activity so that, when it comes to putting together the pretty pics, we know which direction to go. Throwing mud in the hope that some sticks is not what we do!

Construct a Plan

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

Does this sound familiar?!

We will conduct desk top research into your sector, your target market, your competitors and even your customers before any planning is done

Start your marketing!

We will put into action your marketing plan. This may take the form of reviewing and revising your identity, your online offer, your social media, your advertising or maybe moving your organization to being e-commerce.

Monthly Review

We review with you the results and twit the marketing plans if needed, to move ahead.

Mystery Shopping & Audit

Mystery shopping is a process in which we measure the customer service provided by a company’s front line service providers from the view of a normal customer.

Companies cannot perfect every aspect of their store and so with the help of Mystery shopping results, you can gain insight into what truly matters for customers, exploring every dimension of the shopping experience and address the issues that are the most important for the customers.

Tracking compliance against standards is essential to managing performance.  We can check product availability, pricing, visual brand compliance or promotions across your network.

  • Latest technology used, including tablets, micro cameras
  • Objective measurement by specially trained auditors
  • Real time data capture and uploading
  • Image capture with online viewing
  • Reporting systems for rapid data sharing and actioning

Tracking compliance against standards is essential to managing performance.

Loyalty & Redemption System

Traditional customer loyalty programs are expensive and difficult to implement. With Crave, your business can reward your loyal customers easily. Engage with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Our management team have been building engagement and customer loyalty programmes for over 8 years for both small and large companies.  We build the technology and programmes ourselves – giving you the best possible flexibility, choice of platform, short-time-to-market, and competitive pricing – leaving you to focus on your core marketing and business activities.

Crave delivers loyalty programmes and benefit solutions for clients of all sizes, be it for their customers, staff or business partners …

·      For Customers

Crave builds customer loyalty programmes that engage and retain your customers, members and subscribers. We offer a range of loyalty products including discount programmes, loyalty points platforms, concierge services, global shopping marketplaces, cash back, and other value-added benefits.

·      For Staff

Crave builds employee benefit programmes that engage, reward and recognise your staff performance and loyalty. We offer a broad range of voluntary and flexible benefits programmes including Employee Discounts, Reward & Recognition,Concierge Services, Retail and Service vouchers.

For added peace-of-mind, Crave also provide robust and scalable fulfilment, invoicing and reporting systems to ensure that all content is delivered securely and efficiently.

Meetings and Incentives

We have redefined the traditional meeting with our concept meetings. These meetings provide the essential content, lifestyle and dining experiences that you need for your top management, department heads and leaders of your organization.  Our partnerships with more than 500 leading resorts and hotels in Malaysia and neighbouring countries, will allow the participant experience the rich culture, cuisines, the ambience that will leave a lasting and memorable impression and you get credit for uniqueness and “going the extra mile.”
We assist non-profit organizations and churches to organize the retreats for their staff and members.  We have the right location that will fit into your budget.  Our services include food tasting and meeting room set-up.